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Ida Ivanka Kubler's main portrait

International artist Ida Ivanka Kubler was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria in 1978. She studied at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria; at the University of Applied Arts in Bielefeld, Germany and at Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK.

For the creation of her artworks and fulfilling clients’ commissions, Ida travelled and had studios in Bulgaria, the UK, Norway, Germany, France, Italy and the USA.
Her artworks found home in the UK, Guernsey, France, Spain, Germany, India, Australia, Norway and the USA.
Ida works and lives in New York.
Each of her artwork series contains 100 pieces. Notable series are “Non Material”, “The Thing”,
“The Seduction” and “Erotic Fertilities”.
Ida is widely known for her iconic “The Birth Of An Idea” series.

“For this artwork Ida assembles recycled silk cocoons, left behind by caterpillars on their way to maturing into butterflies, into majestic geometric patterns. “

“Ivanka Kubler found in her grand-grand parents’ house a bag with around four hundred cocoons.”
“She sculptured each cocoon individually with six “wings” looking like an open hand (arm with five fingers). Some people interpreted it as a flower.”


“The art is at once transcendentally primitive embodying a universal oneness of geometric circle, with a subtle play of patterns. A reinvention of Indian mandalas or reminiscent of mosaic in Ancient Greece, an assemblage and repetition of small particles. In modern parlance the repetition in Ida’s artwork could be seen as deconstructed pixilation.”

“Ivanka makes sculptural paintings using silk cocoons as the main material for her works which are highly influenced by Abstract Expressionism. Huge, exquisitely crafted canvasses dominate the space in a quiet subtle manner. Their presence is noted as when you invite your glamorous friend to a VIP party and she makes you feel elegant too at the same time. “

“Kubler’s works vibrate at a frequency conceived in eloquent harmony. “
“Keep an eye out for these fantastic natural and abstract works.”


“The resulting "Birth of an idea" pictures are at once nurturing, transcending and moving.”

“International artist Ida Ivanka Kubler‘s career has been nothing if not unusual.“

"NEW YORK, NY.- Today, mixed media artist Ida Ivanka Kubler announces the completion of a new phase in her well-travelled series, “The Birth of An Idea.” Growing up on a silk sericulture farm in rural Bulgaria shaped Kubler’s creative practice. “I must have been around five-years old, sitting under one of the trees in my grandparents’ mulberry forest, when I discovered silk cocoons.”

“Silk cocoons pass their lives in complete silence nurtured under the shadows of mulberry trees. The artist takes this birth of silence and creates art that is immensely relaxing. "Birth of an Idea" artworks release the silent energy of cocoons to the viewer and the organic silent world of this birth under the mulberry tree is very welcoming. The result is at once both liberation and relaxation. It is as if time itself has stopped and we become connected.” “… these artworks have been deemed to improve people’s health.”