Ida Ivanka Kubler - International Artist

Ida Ivanka Kubler's main portrait

Ida Ivanka Kubler (born January 3, 1978, Bulgaria) is an international artist based in New York.

“Up to my 7th year, I lived with my grandparents in a small village in South Bulgaria, almost at the border to Greece. The village was well known for its silkworm sericulture. I often was sitting under the mulberry trees, painting silk cocoons with reddish paint I made from crushed red bricks. The silk cocoons became the initial material for my artwork.” (The artist, 2012)

Organic in appearance and abstract in presence, Kubler's Birth of An Idea series features simple circle settings consisting of an abundance of painted and sculptured silk cocoons positioned on large canvases. Using what she calls “imaginative touch”, Kubler transforms cocoons left behind by the silk moth from their original identity into transcendent assemblages of colors and shapes reminiscent of Indian Mandalas or ancient Greek mosaics. Ms. Kubler’s Birth of An Idea series has been recognized by the Behring Institute for Medical Research as having a positive influence on public health.


Capturing the beauty of transformation, the empty cocoon represents the completed process of change and its success. The brightness of the colors celebrates the transition from one state of being to another and honors its glorious unfoldment. The arrangement of the cocoons within the circular shape represents unity and connection. The contrast in colors creates a center point on which to focus the mind. It is within the cocoon, in isolation and in silence, that the metamorphosis happens. This is true for the human mind as well. Similar to a mandala and its incredible potential to assist in the practice of meditation, the Birth of An Idea series expands on this tool by incorporating nature into its structure. As such, the viewer enters and experiences the artwork, be it consciously or in a trance-like state, and is encouraged to pause and remember the healing power of stillness and silence that resides within each of us.


Ms. Kubler has worked worldwide, including Germany, France, Bulgaria, Norway, USA and UK. Collectors of her work are based in India, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, UK, Guernsey, Spain, France and USA.

Each of Ms. Kubler’s artwork series contain 100 pieces. Notable series are Non Material, The Thing, The Seduction and Erotic Fantasies. Ms. Kubler is widely known for the iconic The Birth of An Idea series.

Ms. Kubler attended the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria; the University of Applied Arts, Bielefeld, Germany; and the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK. She lives and works in New York City.


Ida Ivanka Kubler is fiscally sponsored by The Solo Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization providing artists and not-for-profit organizations with operational and programmatic assistance.