About The Open Hand

The Unfolded Cocoon

As a child, Ida Ivanka Kubler helped her grandparents with the breeding of silk cocoons every summer season. Remembers the artist:

"That involved various responsibilities such as cutting off mulberry leaves from tree branches, repositioning slow-growing worms to different areas, and gathering cocoons from the small niches where they had been spun."

She continues:

"As kids, were very excited about the whole process. We were a jolly group of little helpers and our grandfather praised us for our labor. As a reward, at the end of the cocoon season, my grandfather gifted each of us with a beautiful silk dress!"

On creating jewelry from cocoons, the artist explains:

"I decided one summer to experiment with dissolving the tips of crayons in water and then dipping the cocoons in it. That sparked the idea of making cocoon jewelry for clients. I created the brooch (see below) before I started using the sculptured cocoon form for artwork."

An open hand
Open Cocoon Symbolizes The Open Hand
An open hand
The Open Hand in Front of A Birth of An Idea Artwork
An unfolded cocoon
Cut, Raw, Unsealed Cocoon
A group of unfolded silk cocoons
Multiple Open Cocoons
Silk butterfly, cocoon and unfolded cocoon
Emerged Butterfly, Open Cocoon, Full Cocoon
Women Working at The Silk Sericulture Near Artist’s Home, 1986
Mulberry Trees After Leaves Cut to Feed The Silk Worms
The artist in 1985
The Artist as A Child: First Cocoons Painted with Crushed Red Bricks Mixed with Water, 1985

Photos from Fashion Show Honoring Wolfgang Joop, Luxembourg, 2001

The shape of the open hand 2003
The Open Hand Collage Artwork, 2003
Sketch to Silk Cocoon Dress, Luxembourg 2001
Artist’s Sketch for Cocoon Phantasy Dress
A dress with whole cocoons, Luxembourg 2001
The Cocoon Phantasy Dress
B3 Silk Cocoon Dress, Luxembourg, 2001
Model Presents The Cocoon Phantasy Dress
B8 A Cocoons Dress, Luxembourg 2001
Raw Cocoons Painted from Black to White
B7 A Cocoons DressLuxembourg 2001
Horn Cocoon Dress
B6 A dress with black silk cocoons Luxembourg 2001
Black Cocoons Knitted Dress
B5 A dress with black silk cocoonsLuxembourg 2001
Black Cocoons Knitted Dress and A Spider
B4 The artist portrait in a Silk Cocoon dress portrait, Luxembourg year 2001
The Artist in Black Cocoons Knitted Dress