The Ancestors Of The Birth Of An Idea Series

Ida Ivanka Kubler has used silk cocoons on and off throughout her life. In 2004, she created her first artwork of silk cocoons, developing techniques for manipulating the cocoons that feature so prominently in The Birth of An Idea series that she started in 2009. In this early, experimental artwork, all the cocoons are a singular colour: silver. The artwork is a complete quadrant and is on heavy paper board; the artist started using a canvas background later. This piece was shown at an art fair in Paris and is currently in a private art collection in Australia.

An Ancestor of The Birth of An Idea series

Silver Painted Cocoons; Size - 1x1m

Artwork in Artist’s Studio, 2004

In 2007, Ms. Kubler created a second experimental cocoon artwork. She placed cocoons in an uneven, spread out circle; painted them unevenly in bright, water-based paint of diverse colours; and then attached the painted cocoons to a paper board. The artwork is a smaller size than later works.

An Ancestor of The Birth of An Idea series

Silk Cocoons and Watercolors, 2007

In 2009, during her studies at Chelsea College of Art in London, Ms. Kubler started the first piece of The Birth of An Idea series. The College is located next door to Tate Britain.

The first-floor artist’s studio where the first Birth of An Idea was created.

Next door to Tate Britain.

Artist in her studio.

The palette plan for the colour combinations for the first pieces of the series.